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Irish-born cop leads NY serial killer hunt

AN Irish-born top cop is leading the hunt for a US serial killer.

Co Laois native Richard Dormer is Suffolk County Police Commissioner in Long Island, New York, where the bodies of four women have been found.

The remains of the women were found on a remote beach near the town of Babylon.

The first of the decomposed corpses was found before Christmas by an officer and his cadaver dog.

Three more, all scattered within a quarter-mile, were found two days later. Authorities believe a serial killer may have dumped the bodies there.

"We're looking at that, that we could have a serial killer," Commissioner Dormer told reporters.

He later met FBI agents who offered any assistance they could provide.

The meeting came as investigators were looking into the disappearance of two out-of-state women working as prostitutes last seen on Long Island.

"I don't think its a coincidence that four bodies ended up in this area," Commissioner Dormer said.

He said police had been looking for 24-year-old Shonnan Gilbert, of Jersey City. He said she worked as a prostitute and arranged through the internet service, Craigslist, to meet a client on Fire Island.

The police chief said the local police were now working with the FBI because the victims may have come from outside of New York state.


Commissioner Dormer said it appeared the women had been killed elsewhere and the bodies had then been thrown from a vehicle about 500 feet apart in some cases.

When Commissioner Dormer was appointed police chief in 2004 Laois Co Council passed an official vote of congratulations to him.

He comes from the Crettyard area of Co Laois.

He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the New York Institute of Technology and has attended the FBI National Academy and the Kennedy School of Government.

He joined the Suffolk County police in 1963 and retired as chief in 1993.

He was appointed Police Commissioner 11 years later.