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Irish are the world's worst for being lazy when on holidays


Sunbathing holidaymakers

Sunbathing holidaymakers

Sunbathing holidaymakers

IRISH holidaymakers are the laziest in the world, according to a new study, which says all we want to do is eat and sleep.

Two thirds of us want to lie around sunbathing and reading books, while two out of every five take a daytime nap and more than half spend their holiday drinking.

When it comes to over-eating on holidays the Irish are top of the league, with 53pc of us indulging in culinary excess compared with a world average of 41pc and a European average of 38pc.

The survey results, however, have been disputed by providers of adventure holidays here who say Irish people love getting away from it all and taking part in activities such as surfing, kayaking, mountain climbing and zip-lining.

The Expedia annual Flip Flop Report puts us ninth overall in the top 10 list of "lazy" holidaymakers.

Japan takes the top place followed by Thailand, the UK, South Korea and Denmark.

Sweden and Norway follow close behind, then comes the Netherlands, Ireland and Singapore.


However, the image of lazy Irish holidaymakers painted in the study has been rubbished by Ally Moffat, marketing manager of the Delphi Adventure Resort near Leenane, Co Galway, who said it is a far-from-accurate picture.

"Kayaking and coasteering where people jump off cliffs are some of our most popular activities," she said. "People like surfing and our bog challenge where they go running and swimming in mud.

"We have a new complex with zip-lines through the forest, and we have rockface climbing walls, which are all very popular."

Andrew Gallagher of Lahinch Surf Experience also strongly disagreed with the findings of the survey.

"We tend to get quite a lot of Irish people and they're outgoing and adventurous," he said. "Not lazy at all."

He said that even when the rain is bucketing, people will go surfing once the waves are right.