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Ireland's largest tech shop opens

RETAILER Harvey Norman has opened the country's largest ever computer and electrical showroom. The massive, American-style outlet includes live demonstration areas for customers.

The computers, electronics, furniture and bedding retailer unveiled the newly renovated 15,000sq ft showroom in Blanchardstown Retail Park, Dublin.

"Harvey Norman has made a sizeable investment into revamping the Blanchardstown store," store manager Neill Callan said. "The focus of the renovation was to heighten the customer's shopping experience within the store," he added.

Laptops, cameras, televisions and docking stations, along with ovens and vacuum cleaners will be available to try out. At the launch this week, a new 3D printing facility was also unveiled.

"Our new technology and electrical Blanchardstown floor is unrivalled in terms of crisp displays, dynamic product range, and engaging customer experience," CEO Blaine Callard said. "The store reflects the change in how customers want to shop for technology."