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Ireland's dumbest bank robbers drop cash and keys to the getaway car

GARDAI are hunting Dublin's dumbest thieves -- who left the keys to their getaway car on the floor of the building society they robbed.

The incident happened at the EBS branch in Finglas Village, when the pair burst in armed with a revolver and demanded cash from the frightened tellers.

Having grabbed the cash the duo made for the door, but as they left staff noticed they had dropped some of the cash, and a car key, on the floor.

When the thieves reached their getaway car outside they realised they'd dropped the keys, then ran from the scene on foot.

Minutes later gardai then used the electronic key to locate the getaway car, parked in the carpark of nearby St Canice's Church, and found housebreaking equipment in it.

The car, a black Volkswagen Passat with a 08-D registration, had been stolen during a burglary. Gardai are now investigating the bank robbery and a number of burglaries, having connected the crimes through the car.

"You can imagine the panic when these guys got back to their getaway car only to find they couldn't get into it," a source told the Herald.

"There must have been a frantic search of pockets before they ran away on foot. This pair must be the dumbest criminals in town, they've left a trail of forensic evidence."

Despite the motoring mishap the two men escaped on foot with around €4,000.

The robbery took place on Tuesday, January 11, and the raiders have not yet been arrested, but gardai are hoping to gain vital clues from the car and the key. The Herald understands that they are following a definite line of enquiry.


The robbery happened in the mid-afternoon, when the two men wearing masks and gloves, ran into the EBS branch at Finglas Main Centre and threatened staff.

The cash, believed to be around €100, and the key, an electronic device that more resembled a cigarette lighter, were dropped on the floor by the raiders as they made their exit.

"The car is now central to a wider investigation because it was stolen in a burglary when the key was taken from a house, and it is undergoing a technical examination at the moment," said one garda source.