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Ireland spends over €25m a year on EU quangos

IRELAND shells out more than €25m a year to fund EU quangos, new research has identified.

British-based think tank Open Europe claims that the cost of quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations has jumped by 33pc in the last two years alone.

The quangos are now costing European taxpayers a huge total of €2.64bn.

Open Europe research analyst Pawel Swidlicki said that while some of these EU quangos performed valuable work, many others "serve no practical purpose whatsoever".

"Ironically, many of these bodies would never have survived the type of austerity programmes that the EU is now drawing up for member states as Europe fights through its worst crisis in a generation," he added.

Open Europe cites the €300,000 spent on a living map of Europe, made up of hundreds of plants on a wall, as an example of the mismanagement of European taxpayers money.