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Ireland rugby star Cian Healy hits jackpot in Las Vegas casino


Cian Healy

Cian Healy

Cian's winning score

Cian's winning score


Cian Healy

He's used to winning on the rugby pitch, but now rugby star Cian Healy has hit the jackpot in Las Vegas.

Healy, who has been travelling in America as he recovers from injury, won over €1,000 on a roulette machine.

The Leinster prop, who is recuperating from injury ahead of the Rugby World Cup, revealed he hedged his bets on his lucky number one - which is also the number he wears on his jersey. His bet won him $1,200 (€1,060) in prize money.

Healy, who plays as a DJ under the name Church, shared his victory on Twitter and posted a picture of the roulette machine to his followers.

"Church 1 - Vegas 0," Healy captioned the photo.

His US adventure has certainly been an eventful one.

On a recent trip to Hollywood, Healy got in hot water with singer Brian Kennedy over a tweet regarding iconic gay venue Pride, particularly over his use of a hashtag saying "BacksToTheWall".

"So I'm going to a kesha gig at pride in Hollywood tonight... Should be interesting #BacksToTheWall," the sports star tweeted.

Kennedy, who is gay, took offence to the comment and said he was "disappointed" in the Leinster player.

"'Backstothewall'?? I didn't think anyone talked like that anymore," he tweeted.

"How deeply disappointing in one so young."

Healy later apologised for the comment with another tweet.

"Why would I be at a pride gig if I meant offence by that comment? It's a light-hearted tweet. Sorry if it was taken wrong," he said to the singer.

While Kennedy accepted the apology, he was still unhappy about the initial comment.

"'Sorry if it was taken wrong'? You clearly don't get it," the Belfast singer replied.