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Ireland promises €10m aid for UN fund

IRELAND has promised to donate €10m in funding to the United Nations emergency response fund for humanitarian emergencies.

Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan announced the funding yesterday, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Mr Flanagan said that 2014 had been "a particularly grim year for humanitarian crises," and mentioned the situations in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and south Sudan.

"Many other parts of the world have lost everything this year due to conflict or natural disasters.

"The numbers of people displaced from their homes worldwide is at its highest point since the World War II," he added.

The UN fund was established following the 2004 tsunami, when the difficulties of responding quickly and effectively to such an emergency highlighted the need for a swift global funding mechanism.

Ireland has been one of the most committed supporters of the fund.

Following yesterday's announcement the total Irish contribution to the fund is more than €120m.

The money has been used to address issues such as the outbreak of Ebola in Africa, the war in Syria and Typhoon Haiyan.