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Ireland has all-clear on nuclear sky

TINY levels of radiation over Ireland from the Fukushima nuclear power plant pose no health threat, say authorities.

Detection equipment in Dublin has found radioactive iodine in the atmosphere known to have come from the stricken Japanese reactor.

David Dawson, of the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII), said the amount discovered was so small it would have no impact.

The RPII said 20 micro becquerels of the radioactive iodine had been picked up on its high volume air sampler. Mr Dawson said the levels would have to be in excess of thousands of becquerels to spark health concerns.

The RPII has increased tests of the air and rain for radioactivity from monthly to daily since the Japanese earthquake.

Mr Dawson said radioactivity was dispersing from Japan across the northern hemisphere and was diluting as it migrated eastwards around the globe.

Mr Dawson added that levels may rise but stressed there were no health concerns in Ireland.