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iPad owners 'are rich and self-centred'

iPad owners are rich, self-centred and unkind, a survey has suggested.

A poll of 20,000 consumers has found that the typical owner of the Apple device is power-hungry and has little time for the concerns of others.

According to those polled the image of someone who owns an iPad is of a selfish workaholic businessman between 30 and 50 who has an unhealthy interest in making lots of money.

Owners of the €499 device, which was launched in Ireland this month, were perceived to be uncaring and ambitious who at not time would consider helping other people.

Tim Koelekebeck, of MyType, which carried out the survey of Americans, said iPad owners were six times more likely to be "wealthy, well-educated, power-hungry, overachieving, sophisticated, unkind and non-altruistic 30 to 50-year-olds".

He added: "As a mainstream, closed platform device whose major claim to fame is ease of use and sex appeal, the iPad is everything they are not."

However, those who own an iPad were not alone in being criticised. The people who questioned dismissed critics of the Apple gadget as "independent geeks".

The high cost of the iPad is thought to be the main reason why people perceived iPad owners to be wealthy businessmen.

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