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Interpol fear murder suspect is hiding here

A MURDERr suspect on Interpol's most wanted list is believed to be in Ireland.

Dutchman Morgan Schreurs is accused of killing a woman he met in a bar in Brussels in November 1999. She was found dead at her home the next day with head wounds.

Interpol believe the fugitive is either in Ireland or Italy.

Intelligence records show Schreurs (39) was working on a building site in Munich, Germany, in 1999, but investigators believe he later moved to Dublin and worked in pubs around the city.

A garda spokesman said extensive inquiries were carried out by officers from Pearse and Store Street Garda Stations in 2002 to identify Schreurs, who was thought to be working as a barman and part-time DJ using the stage name DJ Morgandroid. He had also used the stage name in Munich.


"In 2004, further leads were investigated by the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation which indicated that Schreurs had been found in possession of an Irish person's Visa card with no valid reason during his time in Munich," he said.

"Due to the difficulty in contacting the card holder at the time, gardai were unable to clarify whether or not Schreurs was known to him."

Schreurs, who speaks Dutch, German, English and French, is about 6ft tall with a scar over his left eye.

Interpol said it is possible he might use an alias, but no specific details are known regarding any other names used.

He might also have been treated medically and undergone surgery or suspected liver damage.

His case was highlighted as part of Interpol's Operation Infra-Red 2012, which identified 25 high-profile targets from around the world.

The international joint police operation focuses on serious cases involving such crimes as murder, child sexual abuse, rape, fraud, corruption, drug trafficking and money-laundering.