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Intended target of gun attack is told his life is in danger


Gardai at the scene on the Farrankelly Road, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Gardai at the scene on the Farrankelly Road, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Gardai at the scene on the Farrankelly Road, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Gardai have identified the intended target of a shooting which almost resulted in the murders of two innocent men.

The intended target of the weekend shooting is a man in his late 20s from Bray who has been warned by gardai about a threat against his life.

The incident took place at Farrankelly Road in Greystones shortly after 11am on Saturday, when a meeting took place between the man from Bray and an unidentified crime grouping of a number of men who arrived in two vehicles.


The meeting was at a farmyard lane off the road, and gardai are trying to establish what happened before shots were fired.

Sources said that one prominent theory being investigated was that the shooting was linked to the drugs trade, but it is not known whether it happened as a result of a debt - or an attempt by one of the parties to rip the other off.

When the shots were fired at the intended target, two of the bullets hit the side passenger window and the front left tyre of a passing car in which two men from the Greystones area were travelling. Neither were injured, but gardai believe that at last one of them could easily have been killed.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the intended target ran away, while the criminals he was meeting drove off in a van and a car. Investigations have established that the Bray man had visited the home of a friend in the locality, but then walked to the meeting that almost resulted in his murder.


He is said to be "extremely traumatised" and so far has not given gardai any information about the people who shot at him. Despite this, gardai remain confident of solving the mysterious case, but no arrests have yet been made.

"Investigating gardai are anxious to locate two vehicles which may have been used in the incident," a garda spokesman said.

"One of the vehicles is described as a white/off-white Ford Transit van, and the other vehicle is described as a silver/light blue Audi A4 with a 08 registration."