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Innocent family's home shot up as part of feud


Gardai are investigating

Gardai are investigating

Gardai are investigating

An innocent family were terrorised when their home was sprayed with gunfire in an attack which is believed to be part of a feud that they have absolutely no involvement in.

Gardai in Co Louth have launched an investigation after seven shots were fired at a house near Dundalk.

The alarm was raised at around 7:30pm on Wednesday when gunshots were heard at the house in Knockbridge village.

No-one was injured in the attack and the scene was preserved for a full technical examination with gardai confirming last night that there was no arrests in the case.

"This was definitely a case of mistaken identity," a source pointed out.

Gardai are investigating whether the same mob who were involved in Wednesday night's shooting were also responsible for the gun murder of Benny Whitehouse (35) in Balbriggan last month.

The leader of this mob is a feared 32-year-old criminal who has a large number of previous convictions.


He has linked up with a major crime gang from Swords and has been trying to exert control over the crime scene in north Co Dublin and Co Louth.

The gang have now moved into a number of 'legitimate' businesses in an attempt to launder the vast amounts of cash they are making from the drugs business, sources say.

The feud that led to Whitehouse's murder is ongoing and it is suspected that some of his associates were involved in smashing up a house in Balbriggan late on Wednesday night - the second time that the house was targeted in the past fortnight.