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Innocent family is targeted by bomber

AN innocent family has been targeted by a pipebomb -- three doors away from a house recently bombed by Dee Dee O'Driscoll's gang.

The army bomb squad defused a pipebomb on Rossmore Drive in Ballyfermot yesterday -- the same street where associates of gangster O'Driscoll detonated a similiar device under a car just a fortnight ago.

The viable explosive device, which had the potential to maim or kill, was discovered in the front garden of a house yesterday just after 11am.

It was one of three bombs found in the city in a 12-hour period yesterday. The two other devices were discovered in the same laneway in Finglas.

The family who live in the Ballyfermot house did not want to comment on the find today, but a very distressed occupant said they could not understand why they were targeted.

The family has no links to any criminals and gardai believe the house was picked out in error.

CCTV in the Rossmore area is not believed to have picked up any images of the device being placed yesterday.

Two further viable bombs were discovered in Finglas last night and were dealt with by the Defence Force's Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team.