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INLA warns gang against reigniting old murder feud

The INLA will strike back at anyone in a west Dublin criminal gang that seeks revenge for the death of three gangland colleagues, sources close to the republican terror group have warned.

Republicans connected to the Irish National Liberation Army are believed to have carried out at least three murders linked to the crime gang that was involved in the Ballymount Bloodbath feud 12 years ago.

In the years since INLA terrorist Patrick Campbell was hacked to death by up to seven "ordinary" criminals, at least three members of that gang have been shot dead.


No one has been brought to justice for the murders. Reports last weekend suggested that the recent release of a notorious INLA figure from prison could reignite the feuding.

The turf war between the terror group and the west Dublin crime gang exploded in a mass brawl at an industrial estate at Ballymount after the INLA lured young gangsters to an empty factory.

In the fighting, Campbell was hacked to death with a machete while a total of 14 men sustained horrific injuries.

Since the release of the INLA prisoner this autumn, gardai have reported threats and counter-threats between the republican terror group and the west Dublin gang.

But a source close to the INLA told the Herald that any attack on its members in revenge for the hunting down of three of the gangsters would be met with force.

"It will be the same response as the one that occurred after the slaughter of Patrick Campbell. Anyone raising their hands against the INLA will be mowed down," the source said.

Although the INLA is officially on cease-fire and decommissioned some of its weapons nearly two years ago, the source pointed out that there was a "defence and retaliation" clause in the cessation statement.

"Just as in 1999 after Ballymount the INLA will defend its membership and its organisation if attacked," the source said.

He also referred to an INLA statement just days after the Campbell murder in October 1999 in which a leader of the terror group revealed that it had even warned the Irish government that it was preparing to strike back against the west Dublin gang.

At the time the INLA Army Council member said that while there would "no bloodbath on the streets of Dublin" those responsible for the Campbell killing would be "surgically sought out and executed".