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INLA to declare weapons move

A republican paramilitary group, which killed more than 100 people, was poised to announce today that it had decommissioned its weapons.

The INLA was expected to reveal that it had destroyed its illegal arsenal in recent weeks, according to republican sources.

Four months ago the INLA used a graveside oration outside Dublin to confirm its "armed struggle is over" and vowed to end its 35-year campaign of violence in Northern Ireland. There was confusion, however, regarding whether or not the group was prepared to decommission its illegal arsenal of weapons.

Men struggle to be romantic

Men are struggling when it comes to modern chivalry, according to a report published today.

Despite 78pc of women saying they would love to receive a romantic letter or poem, only half of men (50pc) have penned either, the study found.

The study also found that while the majority of women are regular users of Facebook and Twitter, 56pc would feel disappointed to receive a wall message or tweet instead of a traditional Valentine's Day card.

Pal to hula hoop up Kilimanjaro

A woman plans to hula hoop on her way to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for her best friend with cancer.

Australian Julianne McGregor (27), who works in human resources, is raising cash for the World Cancer Research Fund to support her American friend Megan Houchins, who has thyroid cancer. Miss Houchins (31) who lives in Columbus, Ohio, has been battling the disease since she was 21.

Boy refused bail over mugging

A 13-YEAR-OLD charged with taking part in a gang mugging of a 20-year-old man in Dublin last month was refused bail after a judge refused a plea from the teen's father to place him under house arrest.

The small boy, from west Dublin, was initially remanded in custody last week after he was charged at the Children's Court with robbery of the man on Rutland Street, on the night of January 24 last.