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Industry salutes sky-high launch of BMW 7 model

IF ANYTHING could ever be billed as a Seven Star event, this was it.

And now, the most stunning car launch ever to take place in Ireland -- the BMW 7 Series -- has won a major international award in the US.

The launch of the €150k supercar on top of the Altro Vetro building on Dublin's Grand Canal basin was spectacular by any stretch.

But when you consider that an entire floor was constructed around the car, after it was lifted 15 storeys off the ground, then you are quite literally on a new level.

The launch in late 2008 made headlines around the world, and BMW Ireland scored some massive brownie points as a result.

A select group of BMW-loyal guests and select members of the press were then invited to view the supercar, in December 2008.

Guests were provided with food by Michelin Star-winning chef Dylan McGrath, as they enjoyed stunning views of Dublin.

So vast was the project that planning permission had to be granted by Dublin City Council to allow the erection of the extra floor.

Meanwhile, yesterday in New Orleans, Irish company EuroEvents scooped the international award for the Best Event Produced For A Corporation at the Gala Awards by Special Events Magazine.

EuroEvents managing director Robert O'Dowd said: "This is the most prestigious award in special events and for a small Irish company to have been given such recognition on the international stage is a great honour."

The Gala Awards competition drew over 400 entries in 33 categories from around the globe.