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Indo's Sheahan barred from Browne's show after furious bust-up

FIONNAN SHEAHAN has been told he will no longer be invited as a guest on TV3's Tonight With Vincent Browne.

The Irish Independent's political editor, top, was involved in a furious row with Browne, below, at the start of Monday's show on the Anglo Irish Bank tapes.

But what viewers didn't see was the fight that continued off air. The Herald can reveal that voices were raised and there was an exchange of "colourful language".

"It was vicious stuff," said a source. "Skin and hair started flying. They were absolutely roaring. They let rip at each other." A second source added that neither was "willing to give an inch, it was left on very bad terms".

The Herald understands that Browne told Sheahan he will ensure that he never appears on the show again.

Mr Sheahan told the Herald it was "only ground hurling", while a TV3 spokeswoman said: "We won't comment on something off air."

The row started when Mr Browne asked how long the Irish Independent had been in possession of the Anglo tapes. Mr Sheahan said they had them "for a while" because a lot of research had gone into the story.

As the presenter pressed for more information, Mr Sheahan refused to answer questions before accusing the TV3 man of being biased against Independent Newspapers.

"Vincent, you spend so much time showing your bias towards Independent Newspapers, it is getting sickening at this point. Can you not just acknowledge it is a good story and move on? Is that to much for you?" he asked.

He also accused Mr Browne of bringing an Irish Independent colleague [Fiach Kelly] onto the show a couple of weeks ago to "just kick him around for your fun".

He was referring to an interview that Mr Browne carried out in the wake of stories relating to Fianna Fail TD John McGuinness.