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India rape claim girl rushed to hospital

AN Irish woman who claims she was raped by a businessman while working for an aid agency in India has been rushed to hospital after an apparent suicide attempt.

The 21-year-old took a mixture of sleeping pills, painkillers and other drugs before being found unconscious in her hotel room by a friend on Saturday.

While Indian media have reported that the woman had not yet regained consciousness, Sudeshna Lahiri, deputy director of the Calcutta Medical Research Institute, told reporters that the medicines were pumped from the woman's stomach and she was expected to make a full recovery.



"She was admitted to our nursing home following an overdose of prescription drugs. Though her condition is stable, she is in the intensive care unit," the clinic's spokesman said.

Reports said the young woman's parents in Ireland had been informed of the overdose and would travel to India.

The incident comes just a week after the aid worker claims she was raped after celebrating her 21st birthday on May 31 in the city of Kolkata.

Police believe the woman, who was working in the state of Darjeeling, west Bengal, was drugged after being given tea and was then assaulted by a man she had met at the party.