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In Brief: WWII pigeon code mystery

PEOPLE from around the world are coming forward to try to crack a Second World War message found on the leg of a dead pigeon -- but it remains a mystery.

The code, hand-written on a sheet of paper headed Pigeon Service, was found in a red canister attached to the bird's skeleton up a chimney at a house in Surrey, England.

Experts from UK intelligence agency GCHQ have said the message, which has 27 five-letter code groups, is impossible to crack without its codebook and codebreakers from around the world have now also been left stumped by the riddle.

Christmas trees in truck crash

A SEASONAL delivery went wrong in Austria when a truck crashed and dumped 14 tons of Christmas trees in a resident's garden.

Police say the accident happened on Friday night as a truck with a trailer loaded with trees drove through the town of Hohenems.

The trailer hit a wall, tipped over and landed in the garden of a house.

The fire service dispatched 30 people to help clear up the tons of fir trees.