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In brief: We give €12m to fight famine

Irish people have donated €12m to help those hit by famine in the Horn of Africa.

The money is in addition to the €8.2m worth of relief pledged by the Government to support humanitarian workers on the ground in Somalia.

Dochas, the umbrella organisation for Ireland's overseas NGOs, praised the generosity of people over the last six weeks despite facing financial strains.

Hans Zomer, Dochas director, said: "That was absolutely phenomenal. We hear so much about the hard times at home, but quite clearly the Irish people have not forgotten the people who are really suffering and are at risk of dying."

Bieber street sign is stolen

THE sign for a street renamed Justin Bieber Way was stolen within two days.

Main Street in Forney, Texas was renamed in honour of the teen heart-throb by an 11-year-old who was made "mayor for a day".

It was one of Caroline Gonzalez's first major acts in office. She become honorary mayor by raising money for orphans.

Disease kills 81 Viet children

Hand, foot and mouth disease has killed 81 children in Vietnam this year, prompting the prime minister to order extra efforts to stop its spread.

The country recorded 32,588 cases of the disease this year, and the deaths happened in 17 provinces and municipalities, mostly in the southern region.

Hand, foot and mouth disease is relatively common among children, characterised by a fever, sores in the mouth and blistery rashes. There is no vaccine or cure.

News crew dies in copter crash

Three people were killed in a helicopter crash in Australia, with a prominent journalist believed to be among the dead.

Australian Broadcasting Corp said three members of its news crew, including veteran journalist Paul Lockyer, are believed to have died when their chopper crashed yesterday in a remote part of South Australia state.

Lockyer, cameraman John Bean and pilot Gary Ticehurst were working in the area on a story about Lake Eyre.