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In brief: Toyota cleared in crash probe

A US jury has cleared Toyota over a 2005 crash that the driver blamed on the floor mat or the electronic throttle, in the first case to go to trial since the car giant recalled millions of its vehicles.

The jury in Central Islip, New York, found Toyota was not liable for the Scion's floor mat or for the absence of a system that allows the brake to override the accelerator when both were pressed.

The 2008 lawsuit was the first to go to trial since Toyota recalled millions of vehicles beginning in 2009.

Calorie win for cinemas in US

Cinemas, bowling alleys, and independently owned restaurants and grocery stores won't have to disclose calories on menus under a US rule.

The Food and Drug Administration proposed today that the calorie-content provision of last year's health-care law applies to chain restaurants, convenience stories, groceries and other businesses with 20 or more locations whose primary function is to sell food.

Cinemas and grocery stores had lobbied the FDA to avoid the regulation.

Boy (10) shot dead in Mexico

Gunmen opened fire on a burrito truck in a Mexican border city, killing the vendor, his 10-year-old son and two other people, a day after an attack on a nearby bar resulted in 10 deaths.

The bright red food truck sat just yards from a school in Ciudad Juarez where children were at gym class in an outdoor patio, a police spokesman said.

The two other slain adults were men between the ages of 25 and 30 who were eating at tables next to the truck.

Japan's leader tours damage

Japan's prime minister saw the extensive damage in the north east for the first time today as troops searched the decimated coastline for any remaining bodies swept out to sea by the tsunami.

More than 16,000 people are still missing after the disaster, which officials fear may have killed around 25,000 people.

The magnitude 9 earthquake and ensuing tsunami also ravaged a nuclear plant.