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In Brief: Teen on threat to kill charge

A 15-year-old Dublin boy described as having "huge emotional problems" held a knife to his social worker's throat and threatened to kill her, a court has heard .

The now 17-year-old had been charged at Dublin Children's Court with producing a knife as a weapon at his home and threatening to kill the social worker on a date in June 2010.

Garda Ruairi O'Connor told Judge Ann Ryan that the incident happened when the social worker and a colleague called to the boy's home. The teenager was in bed at the time but "took exception to being woken" and allegedly threatened to kill her.

The teenager was remanded on continuing bail and ordered to appear again in December.

Pretty Woman writer dies

Bill Dees emerged from his days as an broke young songwriter to pen tunes for Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and other country music greats, but the centerpiece of his career was his work with Roy Orbison, including co-writing Oh, Pretty Woman.

Dees, who died in Arkansas last week at age 73, had said writing that song with Orbison in 1964 changed his life. Dees recalled the night they penned the hit song, Orbison told him he wouldn't need to go to work that Monday.

He went on to tour Europe and perform on the Ed Sullivan Show with Orbison, with whom he also co-wrote numerous other songs.

Parrot turns the air blue

A foul-mouthed parrot is looking for a new home -- provided a new owner is tolerant enough to put up with his bad language.

Beaky, a chattering lory, often turns the air blue with words such as f***, a***hole and stupid.

The bird learned the ripe language from his previous owner, but the RSPCA is now looking to rehome him.

McCartney car sells for ¤382k

A vintage Aston Martin DB5 driven by Paul McCartney while The Beatles shot to international fame has fetched more than £307,500 (?382,773) at auction.

The Aston Martin sold at the event in Battersea Park, central London.