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In Brief: Strikes affect travellers here

AN "austerity protest" by trade unions in Spain, Portugal and Greece hit Irish air travellers today as European transport links were disrupted.

The strikes against spending cuts and tax hikes came as talks got underway in a bid to avert industrial action at Aer Lingus next Monday.

Intending passengers from Ireland to destinations likely to be affected by the protests were advised to check with their airlines.

Aer Lingus cancelled flight EI592 to Madrid this morning and flight EI564 to Barcelona this evening.

Man on trial for taximan death

A 25-YEAR-OLD man accused of the manslaughter of a Nigerian taxi-driver has been returned for trial.

Moses Ayanwole (41) had been working in the city-centre when he sustained head injuries at Pearse Street, on November 21 last year. He died two days later.

In June, unemployed William Keegan, of Pearse House, in Dublin 2, was charged with unlawful killing. He had been remanded on bail and yesterday appeared at Dublin District Court. Judge Michael Walsh made an order sending him forward for trial to the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Women work to stop divorce

WOMEN whose marriages are on the brink of collapse work more hours as an insurance against divorce.

For every 1pc increase in the risk of marital breakdown, women work an extra 12 minutes per week, researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science found.

Researches used the legalisation of divorce in Ireland in 1996 to determine how subsequent marriage breakdown rates affected women's participation at work.

Gunmen open fire at wedding

STATE prosecutors in western Mexico say four people were shot to death and 10 wounded after gunmen burst into a wedding reception and opened fire.

A spokesman said guests were cutting the cake when at least two men entered.

An angry mob later tried to lynch the town police chief in revenge.