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In Brief: Rail collapse in Chinese storm

A section of a high-speed railway line that had already undergone test runs has collapsed in central China following heavy rains, the latest accident since a crash last summer that killed 40 people.

Casualties have not been mentioned in official reports on the collapse of a 300-metre section of the railway line.

Hundreds of workers rushed to repair the line between the Yangtze River cities of Wuhan and Yichang, which is due to open in May.

China has reaffirmed its intention to push ahead with the fast-paced build-up of the high-speed rail system, despite financial difficulties.

Comics artist Giraud dies, 73

French comics artist Jean Giraud, known by fans from Hollywood to Japan as Moebius and the creator of unsettling, eye-opening fantasy worlds in print and on film, has died aged 73.

Publishing house Dargaud hailed him as "one of the greatest artists of world comic art".

Giraud worked on several Hollywood films including Alien, Tron and The Fifth Element and was a co-founder of US comics magazine Heavy Metal in 1975.

US warship's final voyage

The USS Enterprise has set sail on its final voyage.

Officials said the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, which was featured in the film Top Gun, left Norfolk, Virginia, around noon yesterday.

The ship with more than 4,000 crew members has been a part of history over the past 50 years. It was involved in several wars and played a prominent role in the Cuban missile crisis.

Jews hit out at Vilnius march

Around 1,000 nationalists have marched through the Lithuanian capital to celebrate the country's Independence Day, under the close watch of riot police.

The annual march in Vilnius has been criticised by Jewish groups, who say it is arranged by organisations with "blatant records of extremist public anti-Semitism".

Julius Panka, the leader of Lithuania's national youth union, said the march was intended to "encourage patriotism".