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In Brief: Power 'failure' costs us €29m

FAILURE to build the cross-border electricity interconnector is costing consumers across Ireland €29.5m a year, it was revealed.

The development is planned to link the grids of Northern Ireland and the Republic to produce cheaper energy costs. Some residents on the route along the Monaghan-Tyrone border are unhappy at the prospect of new pylons being built.

Stormont Energy Minister Arlene Foster said there was a need to "get to grips" with restrictions on the electricity system in Northern Ireland.


Fashion giants pay for tragedy

WESTERN fashion brands embraced a safety plan that requires retailers to help pay for factory improvements in Bangladesh, where the search for bodies at the site of the world's worst garment-industry disaster ended yesterday with the death toll at 1,127.

The collapse on April 24 of the Rana Plaza factory building focused worldwide attention on the hazardous conditions in Bangladesh's low-cost garment industry.

Swedish retailing giant H&M, the largest purchaser of Bangladesh garments, and Britain's Primark announced that they have accepted a legally binding building safety plan drawn up by labour groups.


Pressure cooker man arrested

A SAUDI man has been arrested at Detroit airport after officials said he lied about why he was travelling with a pressure cooker.

Pressure cookers were used in last month's Boston Marathon bombings.

Hussain Al Kwawahir is set to be arraigned at a federal court in Detroit, accused of using a passport with missing pages and lying to Customs officials.