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In Brief: Pilot forced dive over crash fear

A SLEEPY Air Canada pilot who mistakenly believed his jet was about to crash into a US military plane forced a sudden dive that caused 16 injuries among passengers and crew, a report says.

According to the Safety Board report, the "confused and disoriented" co-pilot at first mistook the planet Venus for the approaching US military plane. When he did spot it, he thought it was coming straight at them. He overrode the auto-pilot by forcefully pressing on the control column, pushing the jet into a dive.

Developer in court over loans

BANK of Scotland is seeking orders requiring developer Jerry Beades to pay some €9.7m related to loans advanced to build 48 apartments in Fairview, Dublin.

Mr Beades, with addresses at Richmond Road and Richmond Avenue, Fairview, failed to get an adjournment of the bank's application to have the case transferred to the Commercial Court so as to allow him to consider a number of matters.

The judge said he would give Mr Beades until May 23 to put a possible defence on affidavit.

Eyes missing from hospital

A north Indian state is investigating after eyes went missing from two bodies at state hospitals.

Uttar Pradesh official Achche Lal said organ traffickers are suspected and new post-mortem examinations are planned.

The parents of a 16-year-old boy said his left eye was missing on Sunday, though both eyes were intact when he died from a road accident.

A state hospital worker and two paramedics were arrested.

Omega-3 won't aid MS patients

Multiple sclerosis sufferers who take omega-3 fish oil supplements may be wasting their time, research suggests.

Scientists found no evidence that the capsules had any effect on progression of the disease.

Some MS patients take omega-3 fatty acids in the belief that they might protect their brain neurons from further damage. Researchers studied 92 patients, half of whom were given omega-3 supplements and half a 'dummy' placebo.