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In Brief: Olympic torch reaches Derry

THE Olympic torch will cross the peace bridge in Derry today in a symbol of cross-community reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

The link was opened recently between a disused army barracks in a mainly unionist part of the city and its largely nationalist centre.

The threat from dissident republicans in the area remains high, with police reiterating the need for public vigilance across Northern Ireland at the weekend and describing an attack on officers in Derry on Saturday as attempted murder.

The torch is on a five-day journey around Dublin and the North as a token of closer Anglo/Irish ties following the queen's visit last year.

Apology over 'gay' cricket jibe

ACTOR Jason Alexander has apologised for joking that he considers cricket to be a "gay" sport.

In a blog post, the former Seinfeld star explained what led to his remark on CBS's Late Late Show.

He writes that he at first didn't grasp why some might object to the comment, but conversations with his gay friends led him to realise his insensitivity.

Alexander told host Craig Ferguson on Friday that aspects of cricket make it a "gay game" compared with other sports.

Three migrants killed in crash

A VAN carrying more than a dozen Haitian migrant farm workers has flipped over on a central Florida highway, killing three people.

Florida Highway Patrol Sgt Kim Montes said the farmworkers were travelling yesterday morning in a van to New Jersey for work.

Montes said one of the van's tyres separated, causing the driver to lose control. The van flipped over multiple times. Two men and one woman died at the scene.