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In Brief: Man hit in face by neighbour

A MAN who walked next door and hit his neighbour in the mouth has been told by a judge to pay him €9,000 compensation.

Siobhan Gaffney, for defendant Barry Matthews, told the Circuit Civil Court the assault on electrician Andrew McDermott in July 2009 was admitted by her client.

Mr McDermott, with an address at St Conleth's Road, Walkinstown, told her that Matthews, who lived next door to him had made allegations about bullying involving their two sons.

Awarding Mr McDermott €9,000 damages against Matthews, Judge Deery said the incident had been an unfortunate one.

Girlfriend killer is executed

A MAN who killed his girlfriend in Texas in 2003 and then took items from her home to sell for drugs money has been executed.

Donnie Lee Roberts (41) became the 12th inmate to be put to death this year in the state, with his lethal injection taking place after the US Supreme Court refused to review his case earlier this week.

Roberts fatally shot Vicki Bowen (44) at her Lake Livingston home in October 2003.

Egypt row on closing times

THE Egyptian government is facing a backlash from businesses and the public after it vowed to impose new nationwide rules closing stores and restaurants early.

Officials say that the step is necessary to conserve electricity due to an economic crisis and fuel shortages.

But opponents of the move, including chambers of commerce around the country, warn that it will damage an already suffering economy.

Dog sniffs out UK coffin men

BORDER Force officers got a Halloween surprise when they discovered three would-be illegal immigrants trying to enter Britain in a lorry full of coffins.

The trio had hidden among the dozens of boxed coffins which were loaded into the van from Bulgaria.

Search officers sometimes use heartbeat detectors to investigate suspicious vehicles but it was a sniffer dog that located the three, who were Eritrean nationals.