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In Brief: Mali missionary is kidnapped

A SWISS woman has reportedly been kidnapped by armed men in Mali.

The woman, who was working as a missionary, was taken from her home in Timbuktu, according to Kader Kalil, director of Radio Bouctou.

Almost all Westerners have left the north of Mali since Tuareg fighters and an Islamist group with links to al-Qa'ida's North Africa branch took control of the area two weeks ago. The developments came after Mali's president was ousted in a coup last month.

Drugs 'taped to soldier's legs'

AUTHORITIES in the Dominican Republic say they have arrested a Spanish soldier who allegedly had cocaine taped to her legs as she tried to board a flight to Madrid.

The Caribbean country's National Drug Control Directorate said officers found 2kg of the drug when they searched Angela Maria Baiao at Santo Domingo's international airport.

Probe finds bugs from Mars

CRATERS from asteroid impacts may be one of the best places to look for life on Mars.

Scientists found microbes thriving more than a mile under a US crater where a space rock smashed into the Earth 35million years ago.

They believe craters may provide a refuge protecting bugs from events such as ice ages or global warming.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh drilled almost 2km below one of the biggest asteroid impact craters on Earth at Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.

Passengers storm runways

CHINA'S civil aviation watchdog is investigating two incidents in which passengers rushed on to the tarmac at two airports in protest over flight delays.

On April 11, 28 passengers of a Shenzhen Airlines flight interfered with the landing of another flight at Shanghai's Pudong International Airport. They returned to the boarding gate area after being promised 1,000 yuan (¤120) in compensation. A similar incident happened on Friday at Baiyun Airport in the southern city of Guangzhou, after flights were delayed by heavy rain.