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In brief: Libya embassy suicide threat

POLICE stormed the Libyan Embassy in Stockholm to arrest seven protesters who had occupied the building, torn down images of Muammar Gaddafi and threatened to commit suicide by jumping out of windows.

No injuries were reported, and the embassy was empty of staff members, but it was the third time this year that Libyan exiles living in Sweden had occupied the building since the civil war began in Libya six months ago.

Clarification - Hospital Group

IN the Evening Herald of July 14, 2011, the Hospital Group was referred to in the context of medical negligence proceedings which had been brought against Dr Marco Loiacono arising from his negligent cosmetic surgery treatment of a patient. This was based on material in court documents. We have since been advised that Dr Loiacono has never been employed or engaged by the Hospital Group in any context whatsoever. We are happy to clarify this matter.

Giant tent over nuclear plant

THE operator of Japan's damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant is building a huge tent to cover one of the worst-hit reactors.

Officials hope the cover will keep leaked radioactive materials from spreading, prevent rainwater seepage and offer a barrier from further leaks.

The tent is being erected to provide a temporary replacement for the number one reactor's outer housing shell, which was destroyed in an explosion caused by high pressure the day after Japan's deadly earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

Probe collects asteroid data

THE Dawn spacecraft has begun collecting data about the asteroid Vesta.

The Nasa probe made its first detailed observations of the surface from a distance of 1,700 miles.

Dawn slipped into orbit around Vesta last month after a four-year journey and beamed up early pictures revealing a rocky body with radically different northern and southern hemispheres.

Dawn will circle Vesta for year before moving on to a bigger asteroid, Ceres, where it will arrive in 2015.