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In Brief: Let off for teen make-up thief

A SCHOOLBOY who helped steal €340 worth of make-up products has been spared a criminal record.

The 17-year-old first-time offender pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to stealing the make-up from Boots, at Morehampton Road, in Dublin 4, on March 15 last.

Judge Bryan Smyth heard that the boy was arrested a short distance from the shop but his accomplice, who was aged in his 20s, had got away.

The man was later found and is to be get a caution, the court also heard.

Judge Smyth said the would give the boy a chance, and applied the Probation Act, sparing the teen a conviction.

Harper Lee's Obama honour

RECLUSIVE author Harper Lee says she's honoured President Barack Obama is taping an introduction to a special showing of the movie based on her novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

USA Network is airing a fully restored version of the movie and will include brief comments by the president, who recognised Lee at a White House event last year.

The 50-year-old film features actor Gregory Peck as Alabama attorney Atticus Finch fighting for justice for a black defendant in a small southern town.

Diabetes on rise in China

The more common type of diabetes is rising sharply in China, growing by 30pc in just seven years, according to a survey of thousands of Shanghai residents.

The increase in type 2 diabetes shows that the curse of affluence appears to be affecting China as it has many other developing countries.

"Unlike the gradual transition in most Western countries, these changes in China have occurred over a very short time," the survey said.

George on day he nearly died

George Michael has revealed that his near-death experience has inspired him to write a song called White Light.

The star (48) told fans that he started to write the track for supporters who prayed for his recovery.

He said that he was "finally ready to write about what happened to me in Vienna and how grateful I am to be given another chance to live and breathe".

Michael battled for his life with pneumonia.