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In Brief: Japan is hit by killer typhoon

AT least four people died and two were missing in Japan as typhoon Roke bore down on Tokyo today, bringing heavy rain and strong winds which disturbed transport systems.

Toyota plans to close 11 factories early, while Chubu Electric Power has lost about 1,870 megawatts of hydro power output due to the typhoon.

The centre of typhoon Roke was off Japan's Pacific coast, moving northeast at 35kph (22mph), and is forecast to make landfall later on the day in central Japan or a region around Tokyo,

Musicians die as boat sinks

A boat carrying dozens of Balinese musicians has sunk in high waves, killing 11 people.

Rescuers in Indonesia are scouring the waters for 14 others still missing, including the captain.

The percussion troupe were heading from Bali to the island of Nusa Penida for a cremation ceremony.