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In Brief: Injured arm claim settled

A 60-YEAR-OLD company director who claimed he injured his arm on a coat hanger at a Starbucks outlet has settled a €38,000 damages claim for an undisclosed sum in the Circuit Civil Court.

Judge Alan Mahon heard that on May 23, 2010, Chris Kane, of Dale Road, Stillorgan, Co Dublin, lacerated his arm on the "unprotected sharp" edge of a coat hanger in the toilet area of the coffee shop at the Oval, Ballsbridge.

Mr Kane claimed the first aid treatment he had received at the premises had been inadequate and he had attended his GP later that day. He had suffered a 13cm laceration, which had been cleaned and dressed.

The wound had been painful and had bled occasionally for a week.

Starbucks denied liability and had entered a full defence to Mr Kane's claim.

Judge Mahon was told yesterday that the claim had settled and he struck out the case.


N Korea steps back, says US

US officials say North Korea has taken a step back from its recent escalation of regional tensions by removing from their launch site a set of medium-range ballistic missiles that had been readied for possible test firing.

Two Musudan missiles at a site in eastern North Korea had been in what American officials had described as launch-ready status for some weeks.

It's not clear why they removed the missiles in recent days, but Pentagon press secretary George Little said that US officials have seen a 'provocation pause' by North Korea.

Mr Little did not comment on the missiles' status.