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In brief: Ikea recall for faulty mirror

Ikea has been forced to recall a wardrobe amid fears a faulty sliding mirror door may fall and shatter into sharp shards of glass.

The store confirmed around 250 of the affected Fenstad mirror doors were bought at its Dublin branch and more than 19,000 were sold throughout Britain.

Customers who have an Elga wardrobe with Fenstad door purchased from the supplier -- identified as #12650 on the back of the door -- are asked to contact Ikea.

Marine denies threat to Biden

A former Marine has pleaded not guilty to threatening to kill US vice president Joe Biden.

Justin Alan Woodward appeared in court in Honolulu. He remains held without bail.

According to the criminal complaint, he admitted writing the threats in emails.

He told officials he was medically discharged from the US Marine Corps for bipolar disorder.

Manhood in waste disposal

A woman sliced off her estranged husband's penis and ran it through a waste disposal gadget, a court heard

Catherine Kieu (48) denied 'torture and aggravated mayhem' in Orange County, California. She faces life in jail.

Kieu spiked her 60-year-old husband's dinner then tied him down and cut off his penis, it is claimed. Her husband had filed for divorce after 16 months of marriage.