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In Brief: Hardy Bucks movie premiere

DRESSED like the characters out of Reservoir Dogs, the cast of the hit RTE comedy series The Hardy Bucks graced the black and grey doormat of the Light House Cinema in Smithfield for the world premiere of The Hardy Bucks Movie.

The series co-creator, writer and star Chris Tordoff (27), who plays the lead character 'The Viper', joked that nothing can now stop the fictitious gang of slackers from Castletown, Co Mayo, from achieving worldwide stardom.

"Cannes, Sundance, I believe they want a piece of the action, but really I'm only here to self-preservate. I would like to go off in my own direction and make a big movie about myself."


Convict can bid for release

A MAN who received a 14- year sentence for possession of €6.5m worth of cannabis more than seven years ago claims he is being wrongly denied a chance to get temporary release from prison.

Shane O'Rourke (34), of New Inn, Enfield, Co Meath, received a mandatory 10 years, with another four years suspended, in March 2007, arising out of the 700kg of drugs found.

O'Rourke is currently in Loughan House in Cavan. Mr Justice Michael Peart granted him permission to challenge the decision.


Less red tape for retailers

THE burden for shopkeepers of red tape and form filling will be cut by a new one-stop-shop for licences.

Under the new system, a business will just have to make one application, probably online, specifying what area it operates in and ticking boxes to say what types of licences it requires.

The plan will be included in the Action Plan for Jobs 2013, to be launched later in the week.


TV anchor 'attacked' wife

A New York TV news anchor fought with his wife and then choked her, and threatened her even after he was arrested, police said.

Morrison had been belligerent toward his wife, Ashley, and ended up with his hands wrapped around her neck, leaving red marks, they said.

Morrison, who posted $100,000 (€75,000) bail, is due in court today.