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In brief: Gunfire near White House

POLICE closed a stretch of Constitution Avenue near the White House last night to investigate reports of gunfire in the area and recovered an AK-47 assault rifle.

Police said US President Barack Obama's home did not appear to have been the focus of the incident.

Witnesses heard shots and saw two vehicles racing on Constitution Avenue toward 17th Street, and one of the vehicles was abandoned at 23rd and Constitution.

Witnesses saw the driver get out and run across the Roosevelt Bridge toward Arlington, Virginia.

Woman 'tried to buy baby'

AN AMERICAN woman has been charged with attempting to buy a seven-week-old infant from the child's mother for $2,000, police have said.

Marilu Munoz (27), of West Texas, and the child's mother, Joana Delacruz Huerta (29) were charged with the sale or purchase of an infant.

The infant was taken into Child Protective Service care.

Funeral of rap star Heavy D

A PRIVATE funeral for rap legend Heavy D will be held at a historic black Baptist church in New York.

Grace Baptist Church of Mount Vernon announced today the funeral for Heavy D had been scheduled for next Friday, November 18.

The New York-born rapper died at a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday after collapsing outside his home. He was 44.

Dwight Arrington Myer was the titular member of Heavy D And The Boyz, which had hits with Now That We Found Love, Who's The Man and Somebody For Me.

IMF chief says Italy is the key

THE International Monetary Fund chief has said Italy's financial reform is key to reducing the impact of the eurozone crisis on the rest of the world, including Japan.

Christine Lagarde said Italy must promptly restore political stability and implement financial reforms to improve the ongoing eurozone crisis and offset its global impact.

Ms Lagarde expressed concerns about the consequences of the eurozone, particularly on Asia.