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In Brief: Funding boost to beat malaria

Australia is to spend more than 100m Australian dollars (€80m) over the next four years to help reduce deaths from malaria in the Asia-Pacific region.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr announced at a conference in Sydney today that the money would support several country and regional programmes.

They include a programme that aims to control drug-resistant malaria and help anti-malaria efforts in Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.

Girl (7) banks her stem cells

A SEVEN-year-old girl has become the first child in Scotland to have stem cells banked using her teeth.

Becca Graham's parents Callum and Heather decided to freeze and store their daughter's milk teeth so the youngster can take advantage of future medical advances in stem cell research.

Researchers are studying how they could be used to treat a number of diseases and conditions including diabetes, spinal cord injuries and liver problems.

China in new security blitz

DON'T roll down the taxi windows. Don't buy a remote-controlled plane without a police chief's permission. And don't release your pigeons.

Beijing is tightening security as its all-important Communist Party congress approaches, and some of the measures seem bizarre.

Taxi passengers must sign agreements promising to keep their windows and doors locked. And a Beijing police officer was reported as saying pigeon owners must keep their birds in their coops.

Smugglers are left stranded

SUSPECTED smugglers tried to use ramps to drive a car over a 14ft fence along the US-Mexico border -- but they got stuck on top.

US Border Patrol agents spotted the car perched atop the fence near the border between Arizona and California. Two people on the Mexican side were trying to free the Jeep but then ran off.

The Jeep was empty, but agents say it was probably filled with contraband like marijuana before it got stuck.