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In Brief: Father denies hatchet charge

A FATHER-0F-FOUR has denied he had a slash hook, hatchet and a cut-throat razor when gardai stopped and searched his vehicle.

John Paul Ward (29) is allegedly involved in an ongoing family feud and it was claimed he had them for his own protection.

The defendant, of MacUilliam Green in Tallaght, appeared before Tallaght District Court charged with three counts of possession of dangerous weapons.

He has denied the charges. Judge James McDonnell adjourned the matters to a date in January for hearing.

Girls killed in train tragedy

TWO 15-year-old girls died and a 13-year-old girl was critically injured after they were hit by a freight train.

Utah County police said the three girls were taking photos when they were hit on Saturday evening in Spanish Fork Canyon.

The teenagers apparently knew one train was coming, but did not realise another was coming from the opposite direction and became caught between them.

Jet grounded after loud bang

A SYDNEY-BOUND Qantas Airways jumbo jet returned to Bangkok, Thailand, after an engine malfunctioned.

The Boeing 747 carrying 356 passengers had been flying for an hour after taking off from Bangkok yesterday when "there was a bang and some vibrations were felt through the aircraft," Qantas spokesman Luke Enright said.

The pilot turned off one of the four engines as a safety precaution and the plane landed safely.

Funerals shown lack of respect

A QUARTER of people fail to show the proper respect to a funeral procession, according to a survey.

Teenagers and those aged up to their mid-40s are likely to be the most ill-mannered, the UK poll by Co-operative Funeralcare found.

More than 29pc of those aged 18 to 44 among the 2,088 people polled were unaware of the tradition of giving way to funeral processions.

As many as 51pc did not know that those by the roadside were expected to show respect by stopping what they were doing.