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In Brief: Chopper crash partner dies

THE partner of a woman killed when a helicopter carrying them on a birthday celebration crashed into the East River in New York has also died.

Helen Tamaki, a citizen of New Zealand who lived in Sydney, Australia, died from "complications of near drowning" eight days after the crash. Tamaki's partner, Sonia Marra, a British citizen living in Australia who was celebrating her 40th birthday in the city also died.

Her mother, her stepfather, and the pilot, a family friend, survived the accident.

Buffett reveals his ¤47m pay

Warren Buffett has called himself mega-rich, but now he's revealing how much money he made last year: ¤62,855,038 (¤47m).

The billionaire investor disclosed the figure in a letter to US congressman Tim Huelskamp. Mr Buffett and Mr Huelskamp, a Republican, have been sparring over Mr Buffett's call for higher taxes on the wealthy.