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In Brief: Chemical leak at Dublin Port

SEVERAL fire engine crews from Dublin Fire Brigade rushed to Dublin Port last night after a highly dangerous chemical began leaking from a giant storage tank.

The emergency incident was reported at 9pm when ammonium nitrate was detected to be leaking from a tank at the port terminal at Breakwater Road South.

A large number of tenders went to the area and the district was cordoned off as terminal staff and fire fighters worked to make the area safe and stop the leak. The cordon was lifted later when the leak was successfully fixed.

Two 'abducted' siblings dead

Two children allegedly abducted by their German mother from the custody of their British father have been found dead in Turkey.

Yaanis Mellersh (8) and his sister Mira (6) were discovered in the seaside town of Soke on November 18 along with their mother, Elke Mellersh (45).

The children were supposed to be in the custody of Justin Mellersh (46) from Lyndhurst in Hampshire, but were reported missing in February last year.

Women keep quiet on cash

Despite their reputation as the chattier sex, women are more likely than men to keep quiet when it comes to money matters, a new survey has found.

Nearly two-fifths of women (39pc) are uncomfortable with discussing money, compared with a third of men, the Money Advice Service said.

Women are also more likely to feel stressed about financial matters, with nearly a third feeling this way compared with just over a fifth of men.

World's longest concert on track

A decade and 11 chord changes in, what's billed as the world's longest concert is just getting going.

The 639-year performance based on American composer John Cage's As Slow As Possible started in September 2001 -- with more than a year of silence.

Visitors hoping to experience the next chord change of the organ at the former St Burchard church in the German town of Halberstadt will have to wait until July 2012.