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In Brief: Charity chief eyes Dail seat

THE 72-year-old head of one of the country's best-known children's charities has thrown his hat into the ring for the next general election.

Jonathan Irwin, who founded the Jack and Jill Foundation in 1997 with his senator wife Mary Ann O'Brien, plans to run in the Kildare South constituency as an independent in 2016.

The English-born stud owner said his active lifestyle meant he would be more than up to the challenge, adding: "Just because you are of a certain perceived age doesn't mean you can't change things."



Thailand's prime minister has rejected the demands of anti-government protesters locked in street battles with police, saying what they want is unacceptable.

Yingluck Shinawatra said she is willing to "open every door" for negotiations to find a peaceful resolution to the political crisis.

However, protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban, who met Ms Yingluck on Sunday, has said he will not be satisfied with her resignation or new elections – he wants an unelected "people's council" to pick a new prime minister.



Dozens of couples were expected to tie the knot early today when a new law allowing same couples to marry took effect in Hawaii.

A Waikiki resort was hosting mass ceremonies for anyone wanting to sign up, while clergy who pushed for the new law planned to host a wedding for an openly gay Unitarian minister in Honolulu.

Hawaii's marriage laws allow couples to register for a licence and marry the same day.



A NOVEL that was out of print for almost half-a-century until its recent rediscovery has been named Waterstones Book of the Year.

Stoner, by Texas-born academic and novelist John Williams, who died in 1994, has been a huge word-of-mouth success since it was re-published.

The book, about the life and times of an American professor, was published in 1965 but soon forgotten until it was reissued last year.