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In brief: Caffeine works as sunscreen

Caffeine could be a useful addition to sunscreens as it absorbs ultraviolet light and protects against skin cancer, say scientists.

A new study has shown how the coffee stimulant acts at the molecular level to prevent sunlight triggering tumour development in the skin.

The findings suggest that "topical application" of caffeine in creams or lotions could help prevent sun-induced skin cancer.

Decaffeinated coffee had no effect, and tea had a reduced effect consistent with its lower levels of caffeine.

Goody's lover faces sentence

The widower of reality TV star Jade Goody will be sentenced today after admitting assaulting a man outside a nightclub.

Jack Tweed (24), who married Big Brother star Jade Goody shortly before she died from cervical cancer in March 2009, is due to appear at court in Ilford, Essex.

He was involved in a brawl outside Deuces Bar in Chigwell, Essex, on January 3 in which 21-year-old builder Tom Grantham was knocked unconscious.

Bo battles to save sharks

Actress Bo Derek won't be ordering shark-fin soup any time soon.

She joined politicians at the California state Capitol promoting a bill that would ban selling, trading or possessing shark fins, which are used in a soup that is considered a delicacy in some Asian cultures.

"Sharks have been around for nearly 400 million years, and yet many stocks may be wiped out in a single human generation due to the increasing demand for shark fins," Ms Derek told the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Camping mum dies of fumes

A woman has died after her family was overcome by fumes in a tent.

A spokesman for North Wales Police said officers were called to a caravan site in Caernarfon to assist paramedics.

A police spokesman said that the "initial indications" were that the family of four, including two children, aged four and seven, had been "overcome by fumes within the tent".