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In brief: Boy on gun and ammo charges

A SCHOOLBOY has been charged with possessing a semi-automatic pistol and 20 rounds of ammunition.

The Dublin boy, aged 16, was charged at the Children's Court under the Firearms Act with possession of a Smith and Wesson nine millimetre semi-automatic pistol, and 20 rounds of ammunition.

The boy allegedly had the weapon and bullets, at Dorset Street, in central Dublin on July 14 last year, when he was aged 15. He was remanded on bail to appear again on a date next month.

Beach rescuers save 14 whales

Rescuers have saved 14 whales stranded on a remote New Zealand beach.

Late yesterday, a total of 24 whales were trucked 30 miles to more sheltered water to be refloated. Several died as a result of the transfer.

Three boats and two jet skis herded the whales out to sea. Twenty-one were guided into the open sea but seven turned back to land.

The decision to transport the surviving whales from Spirits Bay to Rarawa Beach was made because strong winds and large waves made it impossible to refloat them where they had stranded.

Teen faces jail phone charge

A TEENAGE boy has been charged with attempting to smuggle a mobile phone into Mountjoy Prison in Dublin.

The boy, aged 16, was charged yesterday with possessing €40 worth of cannabis in the vicinity of a prison, and having a mobile phone with intent that it would come into possession of a person in Mountjoy Prison, on September 8 last.

He was remanded on bail to appear again in two weeks.

Space capsule breaks free

A manned Soyuz capsule with two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut onboard successfully undocked from the International Space Station after crew resolved glitches that prevented departure a day earlier.

Undocking was thwarted by signalling errors in the onboard computer system and a malfunction with the opening hooks and latches on the space station side of the capsule.