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In Brief: Boy had knife for 'protection'

A 15-YEAR-OLD Dublin boy who claimed he had to carry a three-inch blade for his own protection has been detained for three months.

The boy pleaded guilty at Dublin Children's Court to possessing the knife as a weapon on a date in April.

In May, the teenager had been detained for resisting arrest and travelling in a stolen car and he was due to be released next month.

Judge Ann Ryan imposed a six-month detention supervision order, which means he will spend another three months in custody.

Emmylou joins Mumford band

Veteran country music star Emmylou Harris is teaming up with London folk band Mumford & Sons to explore their shared love of harmony, sad songs and the banjo on a US TV show.

Harris (65) a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, and platinum-selling Mumford & Sons, who have sparked a folk-rock resurgence, are joining forces for an episode of CMT Crossroads tonight.

The show brings together classic and contemporary artists to play new versions of their best-known hits.

Fake-gun teen in terror hoax

A man dressed his nephew in a sheet and sent him into a busy street with a fake grenade launcher, filming the masked teenager pointing the weapon at passing cars to see how long it took police to respond to a terrorist incident.

Michael D Turley was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, after the bizarre film was posted to YouTube. He posted a $5,000 (e3,880) bond and was released.

The YouTube clip shows the masked teen marching back and forth with the fake weapon on his shoulder.

Killer cult mum hangs in Japan

Japan has hanged a cult leader blamed for six murders and a robber who killed two people.

Sachiko Eto (65) was convicted of beating her victims and hiding their bodies at her home.

Eto's daughter and another cult member were sentenced to life in prison for the 1995 murders.

Yukinori Matsuda (39) was convicted of killing two people in a 2003 robbery.