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In Brief: Air strikes off as deal brokered

Aviation chiefs and air traffic controllers have brokered a deal averting the threat of further crippling strikes.

The two sides in the bitter row, which grounded around 150 flights earlier this week, held intensive talks with industrial relations trouble-shooters at the Labour Court.

The Irish Aviation Authority said: "There will now be a full resumption of normal working by air traffic controllers with immediate effect and there will be no industrial action of any kind."

Fawcett estate sues producer

The estate of Charlie's Angels actress Farrah Fawcett has sued a producer over his alleged actions before her death.

The lawsuit claims that Craig Nevius exploited Fawcett, who died in Los Angeles on June 25, and revealed privileged information about the actress to the media.

The suit also claims Nevius turned in an unworkable first cut of a documentary on Fawcett's fight with cancer.

Mr Nevius' lawyer, Miles Feldman, said the allegations lacked merit.

Hospital works disrupt locals

CONSTRUCTION works at the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street, Dublin, are causing a serious nuisance to some of its neighbours, the High Court heard.

Eleven residents of Holles Row are seeking orders restraining the governors of the hospital or its agents from committing nuisance and trespass on their street.

They also want orders directing that the remainder of the building work should be done in a manner agreed with them which will cause minimum disruption.

Polanski must return to US

Fugitive film director Roman Polanski must return to the US to be sentenced in a decades-old sex case, a Los Angeles judge said.

Polanski's lawyers are likely to appeal against Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza's ruling last night.

Lawyers for Polanski (76) say he should be sentenced in abstentia to time already served after pleading guilty in 1978 to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl.