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In Brief: 19 found in mass graves

Nineteen bodies have been discovered in Mexico's northern border state of Chihuahua, including 11 apparently long-dead men found in mass graves and eight others who were tortured and killed in recent days.

The bodies were found about 25 miles south-east of Ciudad Juarez. The area is a popular spot for picnickers from Juarez, just across the border from El Paso, Texas.

Officials said the male victims were apparently buried two years ago at the height of battles between drug gangs.

Military sex abuse probe

A retired judge will examine sex abuse claims by more than 1,000 Australian military personnel going back to the 1950s.

Defence minister Stephen Smith apologised in parliament to service personnel who were sexually abused or mistreated as he announced the inquiry.

The earliest case relates to the alleged abuse of a 13-year-old navy trainee in 1951, while the most recent happened last year.

Indians greet 'King Boris'

Boris Johnson was given a royal welcome on his tour of India -- when he was mistaken for the King of England.

Locals greeted the London mayor, believing him to be the monarch, while others thought he was German Wimbledon legend Boris Becker, as he toured the Akshardhan temple in Delhi.

Mr Johnson began his six-day tour with a greeting by monks who presented him a garland of rose petals and the traditional kanku, the red dot that was daubed on his forehead.

Sprint star dies at 74

Olympic sprinter Tom Robinson has died in his Caribbean homeland of the Bahamas at 74.

Prime minister Perry Christie described Robinson, who died after a long illness, as one of his dearest friends and a sportsman of "truly legendary status".

Robinson won gold and silver at the 1958 Commonwealth Games in Wales, where he was the Bahamas' sole entrant. He also took part in four consecutive Olympics, beginning in Melbourne in 1956 and ending in Mexico City in 1968.