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In Brief: 10 tourists dead after bus crash

CHINESE media said that a tourist bus carrying many elderly passengers has overturned on a winding highway in southern China, leaving 10 people dead and 33 injured.

The reports say the bus carrying 49 people may have blown a tire, causing the vehicle to flip over into a ditch outside Zhangjiajie city yesterday afternoon.

China's roadways are notoriously dangerous, with car ownership and travel soaring in recent years as incomes rise.

Hollywood agent dies

Sue Mengers, a former Hollywood super-agent whose clients included Barbra Streisand, Cher, Michael Caine and Joan Collins, has died.

Ms Mengers, who claimed to be 78, although some sources listed her age as 81, died at her Beverly Hills home on Saturday in the company of friends that included actress Ali MacGraw, Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter said.

He said her death followed a series of small strokes.

Circus elephant kills girl (11)

A circus elephant trampled a girl to death in front of her horrified friends after she had sneaked into a cultural centre garden to feed it.

The 11-year-old girl and several other children had gone into the garden and the girl was feeding the elephant when it lifted her up with its trunk, threw her to the ground and trampled her repeatedly, police said.

Police officer Pham Ngoc Tien of Lao Cai, in Vietnam's north, said the elephant was part of a troupe from Hanoi on a 10-day tour of the province.

Jackson doctor trial delayed

The manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's doctor has been put on hold due to a death in the family of one prosecution witness, a court official said.

Dr Steven Shafer had been scheduled to testify today, and is the final witness the prosecution is expected to call before resting its case against Dr Conrad Murray, who is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Los Angeles Superior Court spokeswoman Mary Hearn said the judge will discuss when to resume.