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Imposing 30kph limit will only stall city economy

THE new laws reducing speed limits in Dublin to 30kph are completely barmy.

Dublin city centre is already one of the safest places in the country, and there is plenty of evidence to back this up.

Basically, some ideologically unsound nincompoop felt that he had to fix something that wasn't broken, and he has gone and put another nail in the coffin of our almost deserted city centre.

Not content with banning cars on College Green and thereby smashing a wrecking ball through the local economy, Dublin City Council and the Green Party have now ruled that any cars that actually bother coming into town will be almost useless when they get there.

Basically, a bunch of overpaid mandarins from City Hall and their morally corrupt buddies in the Green Party will not rest until Dublin resembles a city under curfew.

Ban cars, destroy business and ruin local economies is the ethos of this unholy alliance of councillors and pseudo-environmentalists.

But perhaps the most cynically repulsive act of all, in the introduction of woefully inadequate city centre traffic speeds, is the off-handed and disrespectful comments which the Green Party aims at the experts.

When a body as esteemed and expert as the Automobile Association is accused of not caring about lives then that's quite disgusting.

Ciaran Cuffe, the Green Party Transport spokesman, has accused the AA of not caring about road safety, after Conor Faughnan described the new speed limits as "pointless".

Mr Cuffe, though, could not back up any of his press release with solid facts when contacted by the Herald today.

When we asked him just how many people were knocked down and killed in Dublin city centre last year, or the year before, he didn't know.

The man who is most critical of traffic in Dublin city centre cannot and could not back up any of his moronic ramblings with solid facts or figures.

This is not about safety -- this is about a bunch of bureaucrats whose idea of a vibrant and successful city is Brussels, or Helsinki, or some other deserted Godforsaken European capital of dullness.

Careless driving is what kills people around towns, trucks turning onto cyclists being the biggest killer of all.

All we need is a visible Garda presence on the city centre's streets, not a speed limit that will make journey's across town even longer.

Conor Faughnan of the AA is dead right, this is little more about an ideology than a proper intelligent reason.