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Imported cars get more time to join register

MOTORISTS who import their own cars will soon have 30 days to register the vehicle -- instead of 24 hours under the current regulations.

The new rules come into force on September 1 with pre-registration examinations of the car now being carried out by the National Car Testing Service (NCTS).

The motorist will have seven days to book an appointment with the NCTS and 30 days to complete the process.

"Where examination of the vehicle and the documents shows that the vehicle satisfies the conditions for registration, the details will be forwarded to Revenue who will determine the VRT (Vehicle Registration Tax) charge," a Revenue spokesman explained.

"The person pays the relevant charge to NCTS and Revenue will then forward the registration number to the NCTS Centre for the customer. The Department of Transport will forward the vehicle registration cert to the registered owner in due course."

The change in the law comes after concerns raised by the Garda and the Road Safety Authority about the quality of some of the vehicles.

The new arrangements will allow Revenue to redeploy officials from vehicle examination to other duties.

"It will also minimise the levels of VRT evasion "through misidentification or misrepresentation of a vehicle at registration as vehicles will now be examined pre-registration," Revenue added.

The new rules will also ensure that vehicles over four years old imported into the State have a valid NCT certificate and that the date for the next NCT test is recorded.

From September 1 it will be no longer possible to register a vehicle at a Revenue Vehicle Registration Office, it said.