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Immigrants 'now less welcome'

Attitudes toward immigrants reached an all-time low as the economy collapsed and unemployment soared.

Researchers recorded a rise in the number of Irish people who believed those from outside Europe made Ireland a worse place to live by 2010.

Fewer people also felt immigrants were good for the economy, while more thought the country's cultural life was undermined by them, the annual integration monitor report study revealed.


Killian Forde, of The Integration Centre, said the key to successful integration is proactive Government policy and a tolerant host population.

"On the former we have none, and the latter negative attitudes towards migrants are increasing," he said.

The study found attitudes in Ireland had been among the most liberal in Europe in 2006, when just 6pc said no immigrants from poor non-EU countries should be allowed. By 2010 the figure had soared to 22pc.